Work shop

Work shop

Make your small shop comfortable and productive.

If your space is too small for our larger fans, you’ll find our AirStar™, AirVolution™ and AirEco are big performers. These industrial ceiling fans generate a large volume of airflow for their size producing more efficient and more comfortable results than other compact fans.

Our AirEco cage fan is 6 feet in diameter, and creates a large pattern of cooling, comforting air. It easily mounts on a pole, wall or stand.

And its smooth, quiet operation won’t disrupt your employees or customers.

Just a few of the benefits:

AirEco costs about 5¢ an hour to run.

Pole mounts fans adjust easily to a wall, ceiling or floor

Variable speed controller to set and adjust airflow

Reduces and controls humidity, moisture and bacteria

Creates a natural cooling breeze and atmosphere that people love

Smooth, quiet operation is ideal for noise-sensitive areas

Accelerates and improves natural ventilation

Minimizes odors, smoke, and exhaust fumes