Greentec HVLS industrial ceiling fan – factory ceiling fan provides optimal solutions for cooling and ventilation for factories, production workshops, factories…. Especially with models GTFA, GTFAS and GTFD are designed to suit the needs of factories, workshops, warehouses…etc. Greentec HVLS industrial ceiling fan is a product that has the ability to work continuously 24/24h, large wind flow and low energy consumption to help you save costs and meet the needs of continuous use of the factory.
HVLS industrial ceiling fans, factory ceiling fans will create a very large amount of air convection compared to conventional fans of the same capacity. The fan has the effect of ventilation and cooling, cool in the hot season and warm up in the cold season and always make you feel comfortable all year round when working in the factory.
In hot factories, the combination of HVLS industrial ceiling fan with air conditioning system helps you get a cool and comfortable working environment while you can increase the set temperature of the air conditioner to 3-4C. ˚. This helps you save on electricity costs and basic infrastructure construction costs.

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Industrial ceiling fans for factories work so well that when we use them, it feels like no other product can replace them. Greentec HVLS ceiling fans maintain airflow in our factories and production areas.

A 24-foot HVLS ceiling fan moves the same amount of air as a standard 25.36-inch industrial fan and maintains airflow for more than 1600 square meters.

HVLS ceiling fans bring benefits to the production and processing space. As HVAC systems in many of these applications are simply not cost effective or even viable. Industrial ceiling fans for factories make a great alternative to maintain worker comfort and productivity.