Why choose Greentec industrial ceiling fans

HVLS Fans GREENTEC is used in areas with high ceilings, open office areas, warehouses, factories, farms, sports halls, restaurants.

Pioneer unit

Greentec is proud to be the pioneer in producing and distributing industrial ceiling fans in Vietnam.

Cost savings

Industrial ceiling fans have a long, large wing span diameter and are specially designed so they create airflow by 34 industrial fans for similar results.

Ventilation solution

Wing diameter up to 7.3m helps to move a large amount of air, blending together between inside and outside to help create a cool balance for the whole space.

Quạt trần công nghiệp greentec


HVLS industrial ceiling fans break the moisture-saturated boundary around the body, increasing the evaporation rate to create a cooling effect.

Energy saving

HVLS industrial ceiling fans use motors that meet the IE3 standards of the international energy agency IEA, which has outstanding energy savings.

Comfortable facilities

Industrial ceiling fans help improve indoor air quality, creating a comfortable, cool environment year round for users.


HVLS Fans GREENTEC is used in areas with high ceilings, open office areas, warehouses, factories, farms, sports halls, restaurants.


Industrial ceiling fans for factories- Solutions for optimal efficiency in ventilation and cooling large spaces


HVLS ceiling fans improve the quality of the air in the warehouse, creating a pleasant working environment and ensuring the quality of goods.


Commercial HVLS ceiling fans for restaurants distribute heat more evenly than conventional fans, while reducing hot and cold spots.


Gyms, health clubs and other sports facilities often have high open spaces, requiring moisture and ventilation to condense.


When establishing a positive dining experience, it’s important to think beyond just the food.

Public spaces

Public spaces such as restaurants, stadiums and other outdoor public gathering spaces can use HVLS industrial ceiling fans


Greentec has many years of experience in implementing cooling solutions for factories, logistic warehouses, public spaces

  • COT DIEN RESTAURANT - Quantity: 02 sets <br/> Construction period 2015
  • CALIFORNIA FITNESS & YOGA CENTERS - Quantity: 06 sets <br/> Construction period 2016
  • TAN THONG HOI – CHURCH BUIDING - Quantity: 02 sets <br/> Construction period 2018
  • PVF young football training center - Quantity: 02 sets <br/> Construction period 2019
  • CANON FACTORY - Quantity: 08 sets <br/> Construction period 2021
  • Vinamilk Farm - Quantity: 40 sets <br/> Construction period 2016
  • TOLL LOGISTIC - Quantity: 03 sets <br/> Construction period 2017
  • VINAFAST HAI PHONG FACTORY - Quantity: 24 sets <br/> Construction period 2020
  • FPT UNIVERSITY - Quantity: 9 sets <br/> Construction period 2020

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