• Producer: Greentec Viet Nam
  • Diameter: 2.5m – 4.0m
  • Color: Option
  • Motor power: 0.550- 1.1 kW
  • Application: Restaurant, Coffee, Gym, shopping mall
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Product Description

  • Motors imported in the Federal Republic of Germany like LENZE, NORD qualified IE3 = Premium Eciency – energy saving standards of the International Technical Commission (IEC).
  • The control panel using Greentec brand electrical unit with integrated safety protection module will automatically disconnect the output in case of some accidents. Yaskawa, Lenze brand inverter cabinet, Japanese brand, Germany.
  • The fan is designed with 5-8 wings, Using high quality aluminum magnesium alloy especially used in aircraft construction, with Tubercle design technology to achieve the most efficiency in air flow. Fan frame is made of galvanized steel structure.
  • Fans with high durability, low maintenance costs, extremely energy saving.

Technical data

Diameter 2.5m 3.0m 3.5m 4.0m
Model GTFB6-2500 GTFB6-3000 GTFB8-3500 GTFB8-4000
Full-load air volume 37.5 m3/s 47.1 m3/s 67.8 m3/s 80 m3/s
Maximum speed 95 RPM 75 RPM 65 RPM 60 RPM
Fan weight 68 kg 68 kg 110 kg 125 kg
Motor power 1.1 Kw 1.1 Kw 1.5 Kw 1.5 Kw
Full-load current 2.4 Amps/380V 2.4 Amps/380V 3.5 Amps/380V 3.5 Amps/380V
4.2 Amps/220V 4.2 Amps/220V 5.7 Amps/220V 5.7 Amps/220V




All Greentec branded products manufactured and distributed officially in Vietnam market will be warranted according to the following regulations:

– Warranty 12 months from the date of handover and acceptance with errors caused by the manufacturer.

– Commit to perform the obligations of warranty, maintenance, maintenance … within 48 hours after receiving the investor’s written request.