Daily Farm

A comfortable cow is a productive cow.

Is there a place hotter and sweltering than a farmhouse filled with dairy cows or other livestock on a hot summer day? This can have a very negative effect on production and efficiency in that area, not to mention the impact on the lifespan of animals, and the constant noise caused by flying insects.

The fact is, a cool cow is a productive cow. Many studies have shown that the HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan significantly cools dairy cows when combined with the evaporative cooling process. Research shows that for every 3°F a cow is chilled, milk production can increase by 2lbs per cow. These additional milk profits coupled with the energy savings allow Greentec’s HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans to pay back on their own in a short period of time and generate significant additional profits for post-production operations. complete payback.

Industrial ceiling fans for daily farms are the ideal solution for cooling and ventilating these large and open environments. They also provide an ideal means of distributing warm air (which is a standard feature in reverse) from overhead heating systems during colder months. Even farms with doors that are always wide open or an open warehouse style can reap the benefits, efficiency and cost of using our Industrial Ceiling Fans.

Industrial ceiling fans for daily farms :

The movement of air breaks the moisture-saturated boundary layer around the body, increasing the cooling effect. This cooling effect can be greatly increased if used in conjunction with misting or wetting the back of the cow.

During the heating process in the winter, the Industrial Ceiling Fan technology stratifies the uneven temperatures that occur at each level throughout the barn, sending unused hot air from the ceiling to the floor, where the That hot air can have a positive effect on cows.

A industrial ceiling fan for daily farms consumes the same amount of electricity as a high-speed wall fan while circulating 12 times more airflow.

The average air velocity in a farm powered by a Greentec Fan is greater than the warehouse itself provided by a conventional high speed small fan.

Cows do not stand close to each other, air moves above and below the herd, regardless of their position on the farm.

Insects will have to stay away. Birds also react to large wings, move slowly and stay away!

The rapidly evaporating ground water reduces the threat of mastitis and a nuisance for flies, not to mention the cooling effect of the evaporation.