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About Greentec Industrial Ceiling Fans

Greentec industrial ceiling fan

Greentec is the leading manufacturer in Vietnam for HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans, our products are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology in the world today. Ceiling fans with low speed and high flow (HVLS) with 3m ~ 7.3m wing diameter provide the highest efficiency for ventilation and cooling solutions. Our products are researched, designed and manufactured to optimize and maximize the flow of gas flow with small consumption (the largest capacity is 2HP). We are constantly updating the most modern technology, research and development so that the products are most optimized for efficiency, ensuring stable operation and ensuring safety in the structure and design of appropriate shapes. to customers’ needs.

General information

What is HVLS Fans?

HVLS Fans are commonly known as industrial ceiling fans, HVLS industrial ceiling fans, large wingspan ceiling fans, factory ceiling fans, high power ceiling fans, HVLS ceiling fans, size ceiling fans. large fan, long wing industrial ceiling fan, energy saving ceiling fan …

Technically, HVLS fans are usually ceiling fans, although some are fitted with a large, wing-span industrial ceiling fan – the ceiling fan diameter is usually greater than 2.1 m. HVLS fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speeds, hence the name “large flow, low speed”.
Typical applications for HVLS fans in two industrial and commercial categories. HVLS fans were originally designed for large spaces such as barns, factories, warehouses, factories. HVLS fans are also used in commercial spaces, where air conditioners are more popular, but the air movement increased from ceiling fans can increase user comfort effectively or prevent prevent stratification. Typical commercial applications include shopping malls, churches, office buildings, airport terminals, fitness centers and schools.
An important concern for many commercial spaces, such as schools and libraries, is sound sensitivity and quiet operation. In contrast, industrial space has dBA of 85 or more median and prioritizes air movement (effective in combating heat stress) in silent operation.

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Industrial ceiling fans are no different from traditional industrial fans

Due to the large diameter and the specially designed industrial hvls ceiling fan, only one HVLS industrial ceiling fan is needed to create a balanced and comfortable airflow in large industrial spaces, compared to 34 industrial fans to have same results

In fact, compared to most popular industrial fans such as exhaust fans, industrial exhaust fans, industrial cooling fans (industrial floor fans, industrial vertical fans, industrial trolley fans, fans industrial wall fans, industrial ceiling fans…), industrial blowers, such as centrifugal fans and cooling towers, HVLS fans provide a more efficient means to keep employees comfortable. HVLS industrial ceiling fans help industrial spaces like warehouses and distribution centers increase comfort while saving costs by moving stationary air at the lowest operating cost.

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Application of industrial ceiling fans

HVLS industrial ceiling fans are used in areas with high ceilings, open office areas, warehouses, manufacturing plants, farms, sports halls, churches, restaurants, entertainment centers, modern buildings. car dealership and many other facilities …

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HVLS industrial ceiling fan price

HVLS industrial ceiling fan price depends on several factors:
– Size of ceiling fans is one of the determinants of industrial ceiling fan prices. Fans with wings length of 2m are much cheaper than fans of wing size of 7.3m long
– The number of ceiling blades is more or less a determining factor for HVLS industrial ceiling fans
– Control cabinet
– Ceiling fan motor
– Warranty

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Service life of industrial ceiling fans

Like any industrial device, there are a number of factors that determine the length of time to use HVLS fans. Some manufacturers use lower quality components so they can sell HVLS industrial ceiling fans at a cheaper price than higher quality, more expensive fans. How long HVLS is expected to last, please check its warranty. The best HVLS fan warranty will protect your fan for years, or even decades, giving you confidence in fan life.