Greentec industrial ceiling fans are selected as ventilation, cooling and energy saving solutions at Canon Vietnam factories.


Greentec industrial ceiling fans are selected as ventilation, cooling and energy saving solutions at Canon Vietnam factories.

Greentec industrial ceiling fans are selected by Canon Corporation as a ventilation, cooling and energy saving solution.

Canon Corporation currently supplies over 50% of printer production worldwide. Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd – a member of Canon Group, is a 100% Japanese invested export processing company, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of printers for export to the global market.

Project scale:

With a very large scale, so the issue of energy control, ventilation and cooling solution for the machine is put on the top by Canon’s management. In combination with the design consultant and technical departments, Canon Vietnam Company has selected Greentec Industrial Ceiling Fan to solve the problem and all 3 Canon factories in Vietnam have been equipped. Greentec HVLS industrial ceiling fans with the quantity of more than 200 pieces, specifically:
– Canon Thang Long Factory – Headquarter located in Thang Long Industrial Park – Dong Anh, Hanoi: installed with 80 HVLS fans.
– Canon Que Vo factory – located in Que Vo Industrial Park – Que Vo, Bac Ninh: installed with a quantity of 70 HVLS fans.
– Canon Tien Son factory – located in Tien Du Industrial Park – Tien Son, North: installed with a quantity of 60 HVLS fans.

General description of ventilation, cooling and energy saving solutions with Greentec Industrial Ceiling Fans:

The Greentec HVLS ceiling fan covers large areas with continuous air movement and creates spacious comfort zones. The HVLS fan rotates slowly but moves large amounts of air with minimal power. During the winter months, warm air that accumulates near the ceiling is pushed back down. This unequal temperature air stratification results in significant energy savings as no additional heating is required for employee comfort. During the summer months, fans move air over the body, which is “cooled” by the loss of body heat due to evaporation of sweat. Throughout the year, the plant’s overall air quality is improved by the constant mixing of fresh air and old air bags.
With different installation spaces, the HVLS ceiling fans used at Canon factory are GTFA and GTFB models with diameters of 7m, 6m, 5m and 2.5m with corresponding power capacity of 1.5kw, 1kw. and 0.5kw. HVLS ceiling fans are used European-made motors; Japanese controllers, aluminum alloy blades, so HVLS ceiling fans are stable, durable and high-performance. Canon factory HVLS ceiling fans are used effectively all year round that other conventional fan options cannot meet.
Moreover, Greentec industrial ceiling fans consume about 1/6 times the amount of electricity compared to traditional fans.

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Greentec industrial ceiling fan installed at Canon factory

Using Greentec industrial ceiling fans has brought:

– Ventilate and cool the entire large area that the fan covers.
– Brings a feeling of comfort and light to the user.
– Each HVLS fan covers a large space with large air flow, so the electrical energy calculated per m2 of floor is very small.
– No need to use ductwork, racks, etc., so the factory space is very airy and can bear light loads for the roof.

HVLS industrial ceiling fans bring remarkable efficiency:

The HVLS fan, after being put into use, has brought great efficiency to the Canon factory. Labor productivity increases, energy costs are reduced. Fast work time and small space to install HVLS ceiling fans are also outstanding advantages of Greentec industrial ceiling fans.


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