HVLS ceiling fan prices – the deciding factors.

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HVLS ceiling fan prices – the deciding factors.

In this article, we‘ll introduce some general pricing principles and factors that you only need to consider when determining the value of an HVLS Ceiling Fan.
Overall, including operational efficiency, power costs, and installation costs, HVLS ceiling fans are always cheaper than traditional air conditioners and ventilation fans. There are several manufacturers of HVLS ceiling fans, each with different styles and add-ons depending on your needs, and the final cost of an HVLS ceiling fan depends on your needs. In addition to the brand and quality of the HVLS fan, there are 6 factors that determine the price of a HVLS ceiling fan as follows:

1. Blade size:

The size of the fan determines the value of the HVLS fan. The cost will be higher with larger propeller. The cost of HVLS fan increases with size from 8ft~24ft. Prices may vary depending on manufacturer, model, and features.

2. Transportation cost:

Transporting the HVLS fan far or near will also affect the overall cost of the HVLS fan. The shipping cost of each HVLS industrial ceiling fan is about 100 USD, the specific price also varies according to the number of orders and the location where it needs to be shipped.

3. Equipment included with the HVLS ceiling fan:

Normally, the purchase of industrial ceiling fans includes motor control system, inverter, fan blades, control panel, wiring and cables, brackets… These costs are included in the price. HVLS ceiling fan price.

4. Power supply for HVLS ceiling fan:

The location of the HVLS ceiling fan must be suitable so that you can easily wire the wires from the power supply cabinet to the fan control cabinet and from the fan control cabinet to the fan. If these locations are far away, the cost of installing HVLS ceiling fans will be higher. To reduce the cost, we should choose the appropriate fan installation location and as close as possible.

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Greentec suppliered & installed HVLS ceiling fan at Huyndai factory

5. The installation height affects the HVLS ceiling fan price:

Our recommended installation height is more than 3.2 -6m. So if the fan is at the recommended distance from the ground after installation, it is perfect. But if the installation distance is too far, you need to install an extension rod so that the fan can work well at the recommended height. Extended connecting rods increase the cost of HVLS ceiling fans.

6. Installation labor cost:

Because the HVLS ceiling fan has a large size, transportation and dismantling need to be carefully requested. Installation requires a forklift and professional electrician for wiring during installation. If the construction height is out of reach of the forklift, scaffolding is required. The costs of forklifts and scaffolding greatly affect the price of HVLS ceiling fans.


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