loi ich mang lai cua quat tran cong nghiep hvls so voi quat truyen thong 3


High volume, low speed fans, more commonly referred to as HVLS industrial ceiling fan, hold many advantages over the traditional smaller high-speed fans. The smaller high-speed fans may soon be a thing of the past due to the many benefits created with an HVLS fan.

HVLS fans by Greentec provide environmentally sound practices for warehouses and other commercial buildings. This allows business owners to get the most out of their materials, while protecting and sustaining the energy and material provided by the natural environment. Many businesses are looking toward green practices, not only to better the environment and their communities but because the government now provides rewards and incentives for these intelligent practices. Businesses also get rewarded due to the amount of money saved by green practices.

Quat tran sai canh lon vnm tq a

HVLS industrial ceiling fan at daily farm


An HVLS fan is a ceiling mounted fan with size being the most notable difference between it and the traditional ceiling fan. While traditional high-speed fans are typically 3 to 4 feet in diameter, HVLS industrial ceiling fan is 8 feet in diameter on the smaller end of the spectrum and can be as large as 24 feet in diameter. The difference in size is not an accident, as these larger blades move much larger amounts of air. Moving larger amounts of air comes in handy in industrial and commercial settings since more people inhabit these buildings. Conversely, smaller high-speed fans work twice as hard, expelling larger amounts of energy, only to cover a fraction of the square footage, due to the smaller blades.

While smaller fans spend energy, HVLS fans SAVE energy. HVLS fans, when paired with heating units and air conditioners, cut down a business’s energy bill every month. Energy bills are incredibly expensive right now, so the heating and cooling benefits provided by these fans is invaluable. The installation of a Greentec HVLS fan allows businesses to turn the heating and cooling systems down or off for a while, in turn expelling less energy.

On a practical level, HVLS fans are more comfortable to have in a room due to the low amount of noise emitted. Smaller fans that move faster work overtime to cool a room for long periods of time creating more noise. Not only does the motor on a smaller fan have to work harder to create the high speed, the fans blades spin faster, creating more of an uncomfortable, chilly environment.

For those wanting to operate under green practices, while saving money on heating and cooling a building more efficiently, the choice is clear. HVLS fans have clear advantages over their smaller, high-speed counterparts and businesses are beginning to take notice. Greentec has helped companies acquire green LEED certification, which sets them apart from other non-environmentally conscious businesses in the eyes of the public. The green, costs saving features of HVLS fans are the wave of the future and deserve a hard look from any business owner.

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