Industrial ceiling fans are not just for manufacturing workshops and warehouse space

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Industrial ceiling fans are not just for manufacturing workshops and warehouse space

Greentec’s industrial ceiling fan (HVLS FAN – High volume low speed fan) is guaranteed to help ventilation and ventilation. Here’s how it all works: The air goes straight down and then moves along the floor outwards towards the walls. Regardless of the space you want to cool, HVLS fans can do the job. Most think that industrial ceiling fan applications are only applied in a large space like a warehouse or factory space, but they can work in more spaces than you think.

Industrial ceiling fans for farms

The invention of HVLS fan technology was inspired by the dairy industry when farmers discovered that cooler cows could produce more milk. Hvls industrial ceiling fans for moisture control can reduce the risk of infection in dairy cows.

An HVLS fan can be the perfect solution for farms and to help cool animals. The hotter the animals, the less productive they are. An HVLS fan will help cool the animals to make them more comfortable and more productive. On top of that, the air movement from the fans helps keep bugs and insects away from animals, making them happier than ever.

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Trang trại bò sữa Vinamilk 02

Vinamilk Lam Dong Farm

Industrial ceiling fan for sports center

Most gym owners rely on the HVAC system or the outside air to keep their gym cool. If they do not use HVLS fans, the environment can become wet and uncomfortable because the HVAC system does not effectively remove moisture or move enough air. Humid air can create an overall smell, bacteria and a hot and uncomfortable space.

HVLS fans can balance air movement and cool the gym and create a better experience for the gym members.

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Projects that have used Greentec industrial ceiling fans for sports centers:

Quang Ninh Sports Stadium

California fitness center

Trung tâm thể dục thể hình & yoga california 01

Industrial ceiling fan for public spaces

Public spaces such as restaurants, stadiums and other outdoor public gathering spaces can use HVLS fans. Members and consumers can feel more comfortable on hot summer days when walking outside without having to strengthen the HVAC system.

As long as your outdoor space is covered, HVLS fans can be installed. HVLS fans make less noise, operate efficiently and can even create better aesthetics for your outdoor space.

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Projects that have used Greentec industrial ceiling fans for public spaces:

PVF young football training center

Industrial ceiling fans for restaurants and cafes

Restaurants that use HVLS fans are making the dining experience better for all. HVLS ceiling fans used in restaurants help customers and staff feel more comfortable and also add to the aesthetics that everyone loves.

Restaurants have to find a way to make their space feel fresh, but that is difficult to do when ventilation and air movement are poor. When people want to enjoy food and drink, they don’t want to feel stuffy and hot. HVLS fans can help create air movement and cool down your restaurant space to keep customers coming back for more.

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Projects that have used Greentec industrial ceiling fans for restaurants:

Cot Dien restaurant

Nhà hàng cột điện

Ong Nau Coffee

Cà Phê Ong Nâu

Industrial ceiling fans for churches

Greentec HVLS ceiling fans can fit any space, especially in places like churches. Large commercial ceiling fans are very quiet, so parishioners will not be distracted by fast rotating ceiling fans.

High-speed, low-flow HVLS fans move a large amount of air slowly, making them extremely energy-efficient. HVLS fans can provide a level of comfort that small and standard ceiling fans cannot. There are many people gathered at the church that can create a hot environment, but a large HVLS fan can cool effectively.

The HVAC system can be noisy and distracting when trying to concentrate, especially at church. However, since HVAC is often needed to achieve the desired cooling temperature in the altar, adding your HVAC and HVLS fans will be less noisy than using standard ceiling fans.

Projects that have used Greentec industrial ceiling fans for churches:

– Thanh Tam Church – Tan Thong Parish

Nhà thờ Tân Thông

Industrial ceiling fans for educational institutions

Educational institutions can benefit from HVLS fans for a variety of reasons. Keeping a cool and comfortable educational space can encourage productivity and collaboration between students and staff. HVLS fans can also cut heat and cooling costs across large facilities by adding HVAC and being a cost-effective means of air distribution.

Projects that have used Greentec industrial ceiling fans for educational institutions:

IEC Quang Ngai

Industrial ceiling fans for oto showroom

HVLS fans in the automotive industry are a big push because of the ability to circulate air in a space where heat and smoke are generated. Smoke and heat are dangerous and uncomfortable for employees working inside the building, but luckily HVLS fans can circulate air to make it comfortable and safe.

Air control in automotive facilities can help the following:

  • The machine works to change the temperature inside the space,
  • Smoke and chemicals from automobiles and auto parts,
  • Garage doors open and close continuously to interrupt the air temperature and
  • High energy levels from lights, electrical tools, equipment, etc.

HVLS fans can keep any auto shop at a comfortable temperature, create a healthy environment for workers, eliminate harmful fumes and conserve energy at the same time.

Industrial ceiling fans for garage

Garages in hot summers can be dreadful at work. Especially when the garage door is open and closed which breaks the air temperature. When the garage door is closed and there is no air movement, the garage can be 20 degrees higher than the outside temperature.

HVLS ceiling fans can help create air movement and make it more resistant to be able to work inside the garage during hot weather. The airflow generated by the HVLS fan cools people using evaporative cooling, in which the airflow evaporates sweat on the skin and creates a cooling effect.

Industrial ceiling fans are not just for factories and warehouse space. They can work well in small spaces, garages, gyms, restaurants and even outdoor spaces and places that need quietness like churches.

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