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For closed buildings, the air circulation is paramount because firstly for humans the productivity is not high and affects the health due to the air circulation is not the industrial environment. pollution as at present, the second is for goods will cause damage to reduce product life …

Why is ventilation so important?

Industrial ceiling fans can take all the air out quickly, which can destroy dirt, moisture and odors as well as toxic chemicals in the air. Thanks to the circulating air, the temperature is cooler
For industrial buildings, it is also necessary to have ventilation systems, factory ventilation systems, factory cooling systems, dust collection and dust filtration systems, etc. to proactively minimize pollution. If there is not a ventilation system to circulate the air, it will lead to an increase in the amount of CO2 and make the amount of O2 less and less. The regular machines and equipment operating in a closed room are also an opportunity for dust, toxins to accumulate inside, causing many other potential dangers for workers, which will make us always feel feel uncomfortable and stressed. In the long term, this also puts us at risk of a number of diseases such as eye pain, allergic rhinitis, respiratory diseases, dry skin and other skin allergies …
To serve the cooling needs for factories and companies in the industrial park, instead of using natural wind, we use mechanical ventilation method by using industrial ceiling fans to create circulation. air to the outside environment. This is really essential, in addition we can equip a heat exchanger, a steam cooling pad, or use a steam cooler to cool around the work area. .
For these reasons, many people, business owners, etc. are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ventilation and quality. Industrial ceiling fans are one of the best solutions to help maintain fresh air, remove odors, toxic gases, remove dust and mold from inside the workshop.

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