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Currently on the market there are many types of industrial ceiling fans and different prices.
So how much does a large span industrial ceiling fan cost? The answer to this question depends on your needs and the size of the industrial ceiling fan you choose. In this post, you will find some general pricing principles that you need to consider when determining the cost of large spanning industrial ceiling fans.


1. Ceiling Fan size:

Typically, the size of the fan is the deciding factor of the fan. 3m wide span industrial ceiling fans will be cheaper than 7.3m large wingspan industrial ceiling fans. In addition, prices may vary depending on the manufacturer, engine used and features included in the purchase. Typically, buying complete industrial ceiling fans include: engine parts, propellers, motor control panels, motor control cables …

2. Number of ceiling impellers:

The number of blades is also a factor that affects to price of industrial ceiling fan. Normally, industrial ceiling fans use 5-8 blades, the less the number of blades, the lower the cost of industrial ceiling fans.

3. Ceiling fan motor:

The engine is also one of the factors affecting the price of industrial ceiling fan. Currently on the market there are 2 types of large blade industrial fans with gearboxes and gearless types. Large-span industrial ceiling fans do not use a more robust, more durable gearbox, are lower in noise, but cost more.

4. Control cabinet:

Industrial ceiling fans are often chosen by manufacturers to use inverter control methods. However, you should also choose products with inverters from famous brands such as YASKAWA, ABB, Danfoss … There are many different types of inverters and the prices are also different so it also affects the price of the control panel. control and affect the price of industrial wingspan wingspan.

5. Shipping costs:

Industrial ceiling fans are usually quite large and heavy. Due to the large proportion of fans, the cost to transport fans is not included in the purchase. Transport for medium to large HVLS ceiling fans usually depends on shipping distance.

6. Installation costs:

Different manufacturers of industrial ceiling fans have different mounting options that affect the price. Working with a large industrial ceiling fan manufacturer that employs a full-service distributor means the distributor will assist you with the sales, installation, or installation of your industrial ceiling fan. . Not all manufacturers and regions have full service distributors. However, there are alternatives such as buying directly from the manufacturer and installing it yourself or using the manufacturer’s installation service. Each option offering different costs and benefits is one of the main areas affecting the final price of your industrial ceiling fans.

7. Hardware cost:

Most large industrial ceiling fans require approximately 1-2.5m from the ceiling. To allow this clearance, guy wires are often needed when installing. In addition to guy wires, industrial ceiling fans need to install hardware according to the mounting solution you decide.

8. Warranty cost:

Most major industrial ceiling fan manufacturers will provide warranty for their fans. The warranty period varies by manufacturer and the longer the warranty period also affects the final price of your industrial ceiling fans.

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Warranty is also affected to price of industrial ceiling fan


While these pricing guidelines are generic, hopefully they will help you better understand the price of insdustrial ceiling fan. Different manufacturers offer different original prices. It is important to take into account all additional costs associated with the purchase, shipping and installation of large industrial ceiling fans.

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