Instructions for installing industrial ceiling fans

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Instructions for installing industrial ceiling fans

Industrial ceiling fans are currently one of the devices that provide top cooling and ventilation efficiency. With large wingspan and energy savings, industrial ceiling fans promise to bring comfort and convenience to your space. So is installing industrial ceiling fans difficult? What notes are there to install industrial ceiling fans safely and effectively? Please follow the article below!

Some notes before installing industrial ceiling fans

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Before starting to install industrial ceiling fans, survey whether the roof structure and fan location meet safety guidelines by confirming the following requirements:

Ceiling fans installed on fabricated I-beams, common in steel buildings, can withstand twice the weight of the fan.

The fan is installed at a height ≥ 3 (meters) above the finished floor.

The fan installation area must be free of obstructions such as lights, electrical cables, or structural system components of the building. The propeller rotating part must be ≥ 30 (cm) away from all surrounding obstacles.

In flammable areas related to fire and explosion prevention, approval by the Fire Police must be obtained.

If you need information, please contact Greentec’s customer service department for assistance with related inquiries.

Illustrative table surveys the fan’s installation location and distance from surrounding obstacles.

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The distances must be ensured according to technical standards for the fan to operate safely and achieve the highest efficiency.

Detailed instructions for installing industrial ceiling fans

Install the suspension flange assembly

The parts are assembled and tightened with M16 bolts. Align the hanging flange assembly in the middle of the I beam so that the fan’s gravity is guaranteed.

Install the fan hanger

Fan hanging bar size 75x75x3.5mm. The length depends on the fan mounting height of each fan and must be aligned with a level (Li-vo).

Install the fan motor assembly

The weight of 1 set of Engine Assembly is about ~55kg, so there must be at least 2 people to do the job. Note that the balance must be adjusted using a level (Li-vo).

Install safety cables to prevent vibration

Install Steel Cable D6 in 4 balanced directions and at an angle of 45⁰ compared to the vertical direction of the fan. Tighten the cable lock and turn the tensioner to tighten the cable so that the tension is even and the fan does not tilt.

Install the fan blades

Installing the fan blades must be done by at least 2 people. When installing, the fan blades must be matched symmetrically during the installation process. Please tighten the impeller mounting bolts tightly.

Install the fan logo cover plate

Install the bottom fan logo cover plate with 3 sets of M6 bolts.

Safety requirements during installation

To reduce the risk of harm to the installer or user, observe the following essentials:

Fan installation and power supply work must be performed and supervised by people with technical expertise appropriate to each field of work.

Be fully equipped with labor protection and work according to labor safety laws.

Installing industrial ceiling fans directly at the roof structure location can withstand twice the weight of the fan.

When cutting or drilling into walls or ceilings, do not damage electrical wiring and hidden equipment.

Greentec ceiling fans must be installed with parts marked to comply with the fan’s design structure, parts must not be replaced,

Do not bend the fan blades during installation or maintenance, and do not let foreign objects get stuck between the rotating fan blades.

Do not operate the fan when the power cord or control cable connected to the fan is loose or damaged.

Before maintaining or cleaning the fan, turn off the power source in the control cabinet and lock the power sources connected to the fan, hang warning devices such as cards and signs to avoid accidentally turning on the power source.

Please use the fan according to the correct function of Greentec industrial ceiling fans. If you need consulting information, please contact our Hotline immediately 0978889922.

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