There are many different ventilation solutions for different plants. Depending on the needs of use and investment costs, it is easy to choose the most suitable method. But what are the most effective and cost-effective methods?

Any factory when building must also consider the design of the factory ventilation system to create a fresh environment, remove hot air, exhaust and stuffy inside the workshop to the outside. Clean, airy air will create a comfortable and fresh working space for employees to work comfortably, ensuring labor productivity.

Depending on production and business activities and investment costs of each factory, there are different methods of designing suitable ventilation systems. Here are some of the most popular methods of ventilation design for factories today.

1. Factory ventilation solutions with roof ventilation fan

Thanks to the suction of the fan system installed on the roof, the air continuously moves inside and evenly distributed throughout the factory. At the same time push the polluted air out through the window, the wind.

Advantages: Roof ventilation fans are made of materials with durability, anti-rust, good resistance to the effects of the environment and surrounding weather.

Disadvantages: Air volume generated on a device is low, efficiency is not outstanding. The stage of calculating the required air flow to calculate the number of fans and the type of fan is quite time consuming. The initial investment cost is relatively high. The perforation of the roof and waterproofing during installation is very complicated.

2. Factory ventilation solution through ductwork and fan

This is a ventilation solution that uses an exhaust fan on the wall and a louver with a filter, located opposite each other. When the exhaust fan operates, it will create a pressure difference between the environment inside and outside the factory. Air will automatically enter the channel, filtered through the wind bar to transfer into the factory instead of the air flow being sucked out.

Advantages: The mechanism is easy to operate thanks to the activation of ventilation.

Disadvantages: The investment and installation costs are quite large. Having difficulty in calculating and choosing the type of fan and the number of fans needed for the factory. The installation space occupies a large area, the construction time is long, and the aesthetic appearance of the factory space is reduced. Large power consumption.

3. Ventilation solution using cooling pad

This is a ventilation system that uses industrial exhaust fans in combination with cooling pads to create an industrial cooler.

The principle of operation of this method is as follows, the water flows strongly both inside and outside the cooling pad, creating an impact of air into the mesh wall. The air that is sucked out through the cooling pad will bring temperature and dirt. And the air from outside sucked into the workshop through the water film in the Cooling pad will lower the temperature, so the air supplied into the room will be a few degrees lower than outside.

Advantages: Ventilation using this method can help some factories reduce the temperature, ventilation has obvious results.

Disadvantages: The cooling pad will have moss, rot and damage after a period of use; The water used for the system must meet the quality requirements; Regular maintenance is required, so it will cost a lot. The investment cost of the machine, the duct is very large, the installation time is long, and the factory’s beauty is reduced due to the pipe system and the staging system.

4. Ventilation solution using HVLS large blades ceiling fan.

This is a type of ceiling fan with large blades (diameter can be up to 7.3m) with large air flow and low speed. The fan is installed on the roof in the area where the space needs cooling and ventilation.
Advantages: Moderate investment cost, very low power consumption, one fan can cover a large space up to 1000m2 (depending on fan type), efficient ventilation and cooling, installation time Fast ordering, high aesthetics.
Disadvantages: Installation on the ceiling should be suitable for areas with ceilings 3.5m or more high.

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Above are some factory ventilation systems that are mainly used to create a cool and fresh working environment for workers. Depending on the level of investment costs, customers can choose for themselves an effective and suitable ventilation method.

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