HVLS factory ceiling fans can be used all year round.

Quạt trần công nghiệp HVLS là gì

HVLS factory ceiling fans can be used all year round.

In general, people can answer “NO” and they think that fans are only used in hot summer; and the air conditioner can be used in winter and summer, it will accumulate dust for a long time. Different from traditional fans, HVLS factory ceiling fans have many functions such as ventilation and cooling, dehumidifying and vacuuming, anti-mold, ie can be used all year round. We will analyze in detail the functions of HVLS Factory Ceiling Fan in four different seasons and occasions:

HVLS factory ceiling fans in spring, autumn and winter, ventilate to dehumidify and eliminate condensation.

In spring and autumn, the weather is rainy and humid, easy to breed bacteria; The large temperature difference between day and night is easy to produce condensate; The air pressure is relatively low, the air is murky, bacteria and viruses spread, it is easy to catch colds, coughs and diseases.
Factories, barns and other high-rise buildings, wet season, high air humidity, warehouse walls and ground are damp, moldy and rotten; Rotten goods contaminate other goods and cause economic losses to logistics companies. The HVLS Greentec factory ceiling fan vigorously stirs the indoor air through its giant 7.3 meter long blades. The air flow is pushed to the ground from top to bottom, and the humidity in the room is brought out through the doors, windows and roof vents, keeping the indoor air stable and dry for a long time. long and achieve the function of dehumidifying and preventing mildew.

quat tran nha xuong huyndai b

HVLS factory ceiling fans is used in Huyndai Factory all year round

HVLS factory ceiling fan in summer brings fresh air and saves energy.

In the summer, the weather is hot, the human body temperature is high, the service range of traditional fans or other single cooling devices is small, the workshop area of the factory is large, and the high buildings are controlled. The air conditioner has an unevenly distributed cooling effect, so the cooling effect is insignificant and costs electricity; HVLS factory ceiling fan covers a large amount of wind, simulates natural wind to cool the human body, three-dimensional circulating wind pushes cold air to spread, accelerates cooling speed, improves productivity, improves moderately improve productivity and comfort; The set air conditioner temperature can be increased by 2-3 ℃ and can save more than 30% electricity.


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