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As we consulted with so many past and prospective clients over the years, we received one question more often than most other questions: How much would this fan cool my space? ?

You may be surprised to know that, technically, HVLS industrial ceiling fans do not really cool the air in your space. In addition to a number of other valuable benefits for your facility, HVLS industrial ceiling fans make your space feel cooler by improving airflow.

HVLS industrial ceiling fans evaporative cooling keep people comfortable

HVLS industrial ceiling fans have no effect on the temperature of the air in the space – your heating and air conditioning are responsible for that. So if HVLS industrial ceiling fans don’t cool your premises, why are they so popular in so many different spaces?

To answer that question, we must consider how the human body cools itself. When we are hot, sweat in the form of sweat builds up on our skin. When this moisture is removed by evaporating into the air around us, it helps us feel cooler.

A gentle breeze on our skin helps to accelerate the cooling process. The better the wind, the faster the sweat evaporates, making us feel seven degrees cooler. All this happens without any impact on the actual temperature of the air. Instead, HVLS industrial ceiling fans change our so-called effective temperatures, taking into account the temperature, humidity and airflow to let us know how the space really feels.

To effectively change the temperature of a space, you need to create a sufficient amount of motion at the right speed.

It is a combination of velocity and flow that creates a cooling effect in the summer. If you move a large amount of air but you do not have enough speed, people will not feel the cooling effect. But if you move a small amount of air at high speed, you basically have a pedestal fan, which doesn’t work unless you stand right in front of it.

Benefits HVLS big ceiling fans for your space?

In addition to having an effect on the effective temperature of an establishment, HVLS industrial ceiling fans provide a number of other benefits to the space where they are installed, including:

  • Make HVAC systems more efficient: An HVAC system functions in contrast to HVLS industrial ceiling fans: these systems only push cool or hot air into the space. They are not good at circulating the air they pour into the room, which is why the combination of HVLS & HVAC industrial ceiling fans is so smart. Industrial HVLS ceiling fans allow you to run your HVAC system at a lower level, saving you money on your utility bill.
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  • Guarantee of goods quality: Like HVAC systems, refrigeration systems are the best to push cold air into space. But these spaces are still susceptible to thermal stratification, a situation where colder air sinks to the bottom of an area while the air warms to the top. HVLS industrial ceiling fans help balance the air in the cold space so that inventory near the ceiling is at the same temperature as inventory at the floor level.
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  • Preventing office disease syndrome (SBS). It is not known for sure what causes office disease syndrome, but stagnant air is thought to be a common cause. HVLS industrial ceiling fans help bring fresh air into your space to prevent all SBS related issues.
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  • Eliminate hot and cold spots: HVLS industrial ceiling fans do a good job of mixing the air in the space to create a uniform temperature, a phenomenon called thermal equilibrium.

By transferring the air inside the building a certain number of hours per hour, HVLS industrial ceiling fans can balance the temperature throughout the space, so you no longer have hot and cold spots and the building’s area. home where air is stagnant and does not move.

Although HVLS big ceiling fans may not actually cool the air around you, they will help your space feel cooler, reduce stress on your HVAC system and keep your building in. more healthy. To enjoy the many benefits of using HVLS industrial ceiling fans, choose the right one based on your specific environmental needs.

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